Coffin Races

The coffin races have easily become one of the most popular attractions of the Day of the Dead Festival. Spectators seem to show up earlier every year to stake their claim on the more coveted viewing spots on Hickory to root for their favorite teams and businesses!




Twilight Lantern Parade

Wear your finest costume and bring your own paper lantern or puppet and join us in a merry walk down the streets of historic downtown Denton! The parade is free and open to all ages, especially the young at heart.




Cirque du Horror

Cirque is a little fright and a lot of laughter! You will endure a delightful descent into the macabre, including a collection of bone-chilling poetry, spine-tingling short stories, and spooky songs. But don’t worry ﹘ our performance is an appropriate spectacle for the entire family.